Qui sommes-nous? FOREVEHER

Who are we? FOREVEHER

"FOREVEHER" ... Why this brand?

The BIJOUX DIFFUSEURS FOREVEHER team creates jewelry that combines beauty and fragrance.

The idea came from a young mother of two children who did not like to wear perfume directly. Neither on his skin nor directly on his clothes. She chose to perfume her jewels instead thanks to interchangeable felts and medallions that can be opened to insert the felt! 🙋🏻

The goal is to be able to change the felts according to your desires while keeping the jewel style on a daily basis! 🎁

Our trick is to change the felts ad infinitum and thus combine the associated scents.


Choose your car diffuser, necklace or bracelet and add your familiar scent, perfume and/or essential oils.

With our interchangeable felts, you can choose the color of your felt with your jewelry and harmonize your outfit easily.

It has never been easier to combine perfume and style.

Because women like to feel beautiful, our necklaces and bracelets accompany them daily or in the evening in a fragrant atmosphere. With its experience, our brand ForeVeher makes beauty and originality its priorities!

We have chosen to highlight jewelry capable of keeping your personal and unique scents close to you.

We added to it the pocket perfume spray , the number 1 ally for women who want to redo beauty and perfume touch-ups when they are not at home.

Slip our spray in a handbag, in an elegant clutch, voila.

Your greatest perfume at your fingertips wherever you are!

To make it simple FOREVEHER (for all women and more if affinities;))

Questions? We remain at your disposal.


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