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How it works ?

  • Choose your bracelet color and choose your diffuser medallion
  • Unscrew the locket cover from right to left
  • Soak the felt in a random color with your perfume or essential oil
  • Close your medallion from left to right and let yourself be carried away by your favorite scent 🤩

1 random felt color = 1 of your perfume or 1 of your essential oils

And also have fun with your felt color and your clothes 😍

If you have several perfumes or if you want several colors of felt, we offer 10 colors of interchangeable felt pads.


  • Fabric ribbon interchangeable and washable at 30 degrees
  • Stainless steel medallion

If you do not take the set of felts, a felt of random color will be provided to you.

For any first order, the set of 10 felt pads is offered!