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Discover our brand new collection of diffuser necklaces for your perfume and essential oils.

Stainless steel collection , diffuser medallion that screws and unscrews.

Unscrew your medallion, soak your felt with your favorite scent that you have at home and close your medallion. That's it.

The goal is to reduce the amount of perfume on your skin or on your clothes! Use this diffuser necklace to diffuse your favorite scents.

A felt is included in the medallion, if you want a particular color, indicate it when checking out.

If you have several perfumes, we recommend a batch of 10 random colors of felt with which will be accompanied by a legend to indicate which perfume you have soaked in which color of felt.

Without even talking about the perfume, if you also want to have fun with a color of felt and a dress. The choices are limitless.

Now choose your necklace pattern and it's up to you.


-- Stainless steel necklace

-- Size around the neck: 45 cm + 5 cm additional chain