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Discover our collection of diffuser medallions to screw and unscrew.

Do you like to change lockets, felt colors?

Choose your locket model and adapt either a fabric strap or a leather strap to compose your bracelet at your image.

Each locket is sold with a random color of felt. If you want a particular color, indicate it at checkout. You can also choose a set of 10 colors of mixed felts.

How it works ?

1/ unscrew the medallion cover from right to left

2/ soak the colored felt in your perfume or essential oils

3/ close your medallion from left to right and let yourself be carried away by your favorite scent 🤩

1 felt color = 1 of your perfume or 1 of your essential oils

And also have fun with your felt color and your clothes 😍


Stainless steel medallion

Felt random color