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Check out our refillable pocket perfume spray!

This high-end perfume spray will allow you to always have a refill of your favorite perfume in your bag or pocket. No more big bottle of perfume in your handbag.

It will only take you a few minutes to fill it up and weeks to empty it. We have prepared you a demo video!

This pocket perfume bottle is very lightweight with matte and glossy color variants. Several colors are available so you can collect each of your pocket perfume bottles for each perfume you own.

One of its great advantages and that it holds in one hand, can be taken everywhere and slipped into a handbag. It's the accessory to have to get a fresh touch during the day.

Both feminine and masculine, everyone can use it. You no longer have to carry your large perfume bottles in your handbag, opt for our pocket perfume bottle and leave your large bottles at home!

Once your bottle is empty, all you have to do is refill it. Child's play.

Some features of our FOREVEHER perfume bottle

It has a capacity of 5ml, its material is an aluminum shell with a total of 18 colors to choose from.

You will receive the empty bottle and it will be up to you to add the perfume from your collection. We advise you not to mix perfumes together in our pocket perfume bottle.

Opt for ONE color --> ONE perfume, you will have fun collecting them and choosing your preference for each day of the week.

The great thing about our perfume bottle is that you can also use it with our jewelry to perfume spare felts.

Our customer service remains at your disposal at all times by chat on the homepage or by our Contact form!